La collection : Qui ? Quoi ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?,

May 09 - 4PM

To mark International Museum Day, the Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen (GALRC)
is organizing a conference on the art collection to be presented by assistant-curator Chloé Gagnon, from noon
to 1 pm on Friday, May 18th 2018. The conference titled La collection : Qui ? Quoi ? Pourquoi ? Comment ?,
adressed in French, will be preceded and followed by an opportunity to visit the collections of the gallery and
the Acadian Museum of the Université de Moncton.
Chloé Gagnon, originally from Hearst in northern Ontario, graduated from the Visual Arts program at the
Université de Moncton in May 2017. Starting last fall, she took part in a six-month internship in art collection
management with the GALRC, followed by a contractual employment as assistant-curator. Among her duties,
she has completed the process of acquiring several new pieces, worked on updating information in the database
(Ultima) and traced the sources of unidentified works as well as the location of pieces displayed on the campus.
This activity is an opportunity to learn more about a collection and a behind-the-scenes of gallery operations.
The conference will focus on the collection’s management and the stages of the acquistion process. It will be
followed by a guided tour of the storage spaces, an opportunity that will allow you to see part of the GALRC’s
In addition, Jeanne Mance Cormier, curator of the Acadian Museum, will offer a visit of the museum’s
collections’ storage spaces. This visit will allow you to see historical objects, as well as to discuss acquisition
processes and collection research.
The GALRC and Acadian Museum’s storage spaces will be open to all from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The conference
and visits are free of charge.

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