NB Sports Hall of Fame

June 15 - 8PM

The launch of three new exhibits will take place starting at 6pm on Monday, June 15 at the NB Sports Hall of Fame. The museum is located at 503 Queen Street in Fredericton and the public is invited to attend. The event was announced today by Jamie Wolverton, Executive Director of the NB Sports Hall of Fame. “Our team is very excited to kick-off the start to our summer season with a newly expanded interactive space that will feature the Biomechanics and Sports Discovery Centre, and two new exhibits.”
The Biomechanics and Sports Discovery Centre is in a newly developed area of NB Sports Hall of Fame. The Centre is the result of a partnership with Wayne Albert, UNB Faculty of Kinesiology. The youth-centric area includes a number of interactive stations, much like a science discovery center, featuring the principals of biomechanics and sport participation. Children and families will have fun while learning about our rich sports heritage. “It’s loaded with interactive and interesting components which connect the achievements of our most accomplished athletes to the principles of biomechanics” says Wolverton.
“Glorious Victory: Trophies of the NB Sports Hall of Fame” will feature the museum’s most emblematic silver trophies including the Ganong Cup and the Trojan Cup. An interactive component will connect youth to the art of trophy making. The curator of this exhibit is Beth Briggs, the creator of the Clarkson Cup.
Occupation Sports Photographer: The Photograhy of Dan Galbraith features Saint John born Dan Galbraith, one of Canada’s top sports photographers. Galbraith photographed Canadian athletes in nearly every major sporting event in the last thirty years. A selection of his photographs of New Brunswick athletes is displayed along with the stories that accompany them.
The New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame is open throughout the summer Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 5:00. Admission: $2/student $3 adults.
MEDIA CONTACT: Marieka Chaplin, Communications and Operations Officer, New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, 506-453-3747, e-mail: Marieka.chaplin@gnb.ca

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