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Charles Allain was a former President and Executive Director of the AMNB (now the AHNB), who was very effective and well-liked. He regularly visited the Association’s clients and found ways to help them in everyday operations. His experience as a Director of the Moncton Civic Museum gave him an understanding of the pressures and concerns of community museums’ operations. This was a time of emerging computer technology, and he was knowledgeable in current technological trends. He obtained funding from the technology sector to travel to the various communities to conduct hands-on workshops. This grew the Association’s links to the small museum community. He was always helpful, friendly, and empathetic with his clients.


When Charles became Executive Director of the AMNB in 1994, I was the President. Prior to that I had a connection with Charles Allain while he was the Director of the Moncton Civic Museum. He moved from Moncton to Fredericton to become the Executive Director of the AMNB, and the following year was employed with the Provincial Heritage Branch. He was energetic, intelligent, insightful, caring and a responsible person who always sought the best for his “heritage family.” I am reluctant to call museum personnel his clients or consumers of his services, because to him the people who could benefit from his knowledge and its practical use were much more than that. By sharing his technical and museum operations knowledge (and sometimes funding), it put him in the forefront of local museum operations. On these museum visits, Charles could witness them doing their everyday volunteer and paid work with more satisfaction and enjoyment, while improving the heritage operations of all these small community groups. One of his surveys showed that there were 2,400 volunteer workers and 800 paid workers, and about 100 museum operations under his heritage program support, many of whom were known to him.


Besides his “heritage family,” I know how much he cared for his regular family. Throughout all of this, Charles continually noted that he was supported on a daily basis by Diane’s encouragement, advice, and often her technical expertise, which facilitated him in all projects. His son Philippe was such a joy to him and greatly enlarged his sphere of interest.

After Charles left the provincial government for a positon with ACOA, the heritage industry lost his volunteer services to the military cadet program, which he had so much enjoyed during his youth. He held a leadership role with this organization and contributed greatly to their success.


Gilles Bourque, another former executive Director of the Museums Association, and now an employee of the Provincial Heritage Branch has provided the following comment:

Charles a contribué à l’avancement du secteur muséal et patrimonial du Nouveau-Brunswick. Son expertise et ses conseils ont toujours permis aux professionnels ainsi qu’aux bénévoles de jouer leur rôle dans les opérations des musées néo-brunswickois. Grâce à lui, plusieurs de ses collègues ont travaillé et/ou travaillent encore à ce jour dans ce secteur qu’il a privilégié tout au long de sa vie.




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