For those of you who would like to be added to our mobile map application please send an email to info@amnb.ca giving your permission to add your information on the Ondago application.

Congratulations to those who have opted for the Ondago mobile application to improve your visitor experience. Your visitors satisfaction can be increased considerably through the usage of this tool, but to do that, they must know about Ondago. The success of this tool rests in its promotion.

To receive the promotional tips from Ondago and to download their logos follow this link:

How to promote Ondago in your media

The Ondago mobile application is available on these types of cell phone:

Android (Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.)
Blackberry http://ca.blackberry.com/software/smartphones/android.html

Follow these instructions to download the Ondago application:

  1. Download the Ondago app from Google Play (Android phones) or from the AppStore (iPhones).
  2. Download your map from the Featured section at the top of the catalog.
  3. Open the map and navigate!

We wish to thank the Central Heritage Zone for their contribution in making this tool available to all member museums across the province and the work of the AHNB Administrative Officer as well as the Ondago team.













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