Past Presentations


Past Presentations includes:

Mathias Bizimana, UNESCO – Intangible Heritage (Bilingual)

Tom Urbaniak, National Trust for Canada – Canada 150: Saving Historic Places, Renovating Organizations

Frank LeBlanc – Bringing Archives Back to Life (In French only)

Genevieve Coates – How Social Media or Technology can be used to build communities

NB Cultural Policy: An Update (In English only)



Bill Hicks – Heritage Branch AMNB Oct 2015 en

Panel (Kurt Peacock)- Adventures in heritage renovating

Ern Bieman – Case Study: Applying the CHIN Digital Preservation Toolkit to the 8th Hussars Museum

Marie-Thérèse Landry – Développement culturel communautaire et écomuséologie, un passage oblige (only available in French)

Aline Landry- Caraquet

Brenda Orr- Resurgo 2.0



Geri Syroteuk – Visitor Experience at Parks Canada

Jane Fullerton – Renewal of New Brunswick Museum

Samantha Read – Intro to Archives & ArchivesCANB

Also see the CANB website

Tanya Bouchard – Canada’s 6th National Museum

Nicolas Gauvin – Discovering the Canadian Museum of History

Gary Chouinard – Fundraising 101

Lawren Campbell & Jean-Pierre Charron –  Downtown Financial Incentives   

Margaret Conrad – The Tale of Two New Brunswicks

Heritage Branch – Museum Services Presentation



NB Museums – Kent McDonald – ACOA

Cultural Policy Renewal

Digital Preservation – Madeleine Lafaille – CHIN

Collection, Conservation & Community – Jane Fullerton – NBM

CCI Presentation – Jane Fullerton – NBM



Research AMNB WCS TP Oct 2011







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