2019 AGM Minutes

Association Heritage New Brunswick 2019


Miramichi City, NB

Minutes 24 October 2019



Joan Pearce, Evelyn Fidler, Sophie Auffrey, Briget Murphy, Debbie Hickey, Guy Tremblay, Anja Hamilton, Lawren Campbell, Jeanne-Mance Cormier, Janet Clouston, Ruth Murgatroyd, Melynda Jarratt, Rhona Hoyt, Gerry Gillcash, Aline Landry, Fred White, Elizabeth Earle, Diane Cyr, Gilles Bourque, Gaetane Saucier-Nadeau, Marion Beyea, Faith Wallace, Brenda Orr, Bill Clarke, Donald Alward, Lee Sochasky, Shawn McCarthy, Sherry Little, Eric Bartlett, Jackie Bartlett, Kellie Blue-McQuade, Rebecca Paterson, Helen Dunstan-Blackie, Megan Mainwaring, Philippe Basque, Shirley Brown, Bernice Price, Karin Swim and David Desjardins

Call to Order

Marion Beyea called to order the Annual General Meeting of the AHNB membership at 12:35 pm on Thursday, 24 October 2019.

Approval of the Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Lee Sochasky moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting and Gerry Gillcash seconded.


Marion Beyea asked if there was anything to add to the agenda.

Business arising from the minutes

Marion Beyea asked if there was any business arising from the minutes. There was none.

Treasurer’s Report

Eric Bartlett explained to the membership how we were doing financially. The income was less due to a variety of factors but our expenses were reduced to balance things. He congratulated the support staff on keeping track of the finances. Motion to accept the Treasurers report was moved by Eric Bartlett, seconded by Jannne-Mance Cormier.

President’s Report

Marion Beyea explained that she, and the Executive Director Kellie Blue-McQuade, collaborated on the report so as not to be redundant. She thanked Kellie Blue-McQuade and Cynthia Wallace-Casey for their support as well as that of the Board of Directors and the membership. She has visited various museums and praised them for the excellent experience as well as the rich heritage. Acceptance of the President’s Report was moved by Marion Beyea and seconded by Bill Clarke.

Nominations and Board Membership

Past President, Ruth Murgatroyd, presented her Nominating Committee Report. She mentioned that it was herself and Bill Clarke’s last year on the Board and thanked the Board of Directors for the time she had spent serving. She listed the Board of Directors currently remaining and mentioned that Aristi Dsilva has decided to step down. There were four vacancies and four names were put forth; Clarence LeBreton, Dominique Gélinas, Gerry Gillcash and Joan Pearce. The proposed slate for the Board Executive of the Association Heritage New Brunswick are as follows:

  • Marion Beyea – Past President
  • Gaëtane Saucier Nadeau -President
  • Donald Alward – Treasurer
  • Gerry Gillcash – 1st Vice President
  • Lawren Campbell-2nd Vice President
  • Evelyn Fidler-Secretary

Ruth Murgatroyd explained that Donald Alward is in his last year of serving on the Board so he will serve one year as Treasurer and then step down. She reminded the membership to start considering someone to nominate as Treasurer in 2020. She briefly explained their role. The position of President and Past President were exempt from receiving further nominations. Ruth Murgatroyd asked for nominations from the floor three times and no nominations came forth. Fred Farrell moved that nominations from the floor cease. Ruth moved that the list of Board Members be approved, Lee Sochasky seconded. Motion was carried.

Other Business

Gaëtane Saucier Nadeau thanked Marion Beyea for her years of service on the Board of Directors and she thanked Kellie Blue-McQuade for having the Conference booklet translated into the two languages. We have been invited to Moncton for next year’s Conference and we have accepted their invitation.


Marion Beyea moved we adjourn and Bill Clarke seconded at 12:53 Prepared by Evelyn Fidler, Secretary Reviewed by Kellie Blue-McQuade, Executive Director

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