Directory of Professionals, Craftspeople and Materials for Work on Heritage Properties

Purpose of the Heritage Building Source List

Using experienced professionals and crafts people is critical to ensure that the integrity of a heritage structure is protected, that the design and features of the structure are conserved and that the methods and materials used are compatible with original processes and materials and will last over time and not lead to deterioration.

The Association Heritage New Brunswick (AHNB) is providing the following list of heritage building resources to assist owners of heritage properties in identifying and locating professionals and craftspeople with relevant heritage work experience and to locate appropriate products and materials for use in heritage projects.

How to be placed on the Source List

The company names and individuals named on the Source List have been provided by individuals who have used their services, professional organizations, planners, heritage groups.  They are recommended by two individuals for whom they have carried out work stabilizing, renovating or adapting heritage properties.

The listing is not all inclusive.  Additions will be made as people experienced in working on heritage structures and sources of appropriate materials come to our attention.  We encourage professionals and craftspeople who are interested in being on the list to contact AHNB


The Heritage Building Source List is intended to assist individuals, organizations and others undertaking work to stabilize, conserve, restore or adapt heritage buildings in identifying and contacting professionals and craftspeople who have experience in working on these structures. This is a public listing that has not been professionally vetted.

Several of the professionals and craftspeople listed have Canadian Association of Heritage Professional (CAHP) designation which is awarded according to a rigorous set or requirements.  However, at this time there are only a few CAHP designated practitioners in New Brunswick.  This designation is included in the Notes section of the listing.

AHNB makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the reliability, competence or availability of any services provided.

The Association Heritage New Brunswick reserves the right to remove from this list contractors involved with inappropriate alterations to designated properties


Contractors should follow recognized heritage conservation principles specifically Parks Canada Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada (2003).

If you have questions, notice errors, or would like to suggest names and information for addition to the Directory, please contact:

Association Heritage New Brunswick
163 St. John St.
Fredericton, NB E3B 4A8
Phone: 506-454-3561

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