Founding Cultures Museum

The Founding Cultures Museum, a large striped building with a L-shaped window on the front façade

While colonizing the new world, many Europeans decided to make the move for a better life on
the new continent.  From the first nations who lived off these lands, to the French, British, Irish
and Scottish who came and still live here, discover how Acadia now glows in charming little
coastal villages like Grande-Anse.
Let us immerge you into the local history to the rhythm of the tide, and learn the surprising relations between all these communities to discover and better understand the striving cultures who founded and still live on our shores.
Welcome to the Founding Cultures Museum! Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

You can find more information here.

184 Acadie St, Grande-Anse, NB E8N 1A6, Canada

(506) 732-3003
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