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The Auberge Carriage House, a large Second Empire house with a mansard roof and veranda

Auberge Carriage House, Fredericton, NB


New Brunswick has a rich legacy of Built Heritage including historic buildings – public, religious, commercial and residential. They capture the spirit and values of the time they were constructed and are crucial to our understanding and appreciation of the identity and character of our communities.

The links on this page will take you to databases that describe and illustrate many of our province’s heritage buildings. View them to learn about building techniques and architectural styles and to enjoy their beauty and the intricacies of their construction.

Register of Historic Places of New Brunswick 

The New Brunswick section of the Canada Historic Places Register contains information on and images of heritage places (buildings and sites) in New Brunswick. Currently, 1620 historic places are included. However there are many historic places to be added and the process to research and designate them continues.

To view a particular site or property click on the link above and in “Keyword” type the name of the city or community you are interested in for a list of historic places in that location.

If you wish to check all New Brunswick historic places in the register, check all and all with images. Then click on the search tab and the entire 1620 can be viewed.

If you need further assistance, contact Tourism, Heritage and Culture at (506) 453-3115

National Trust for Canada

The National Trust for Canada’s website provides a list of properties to which there is free or discounted admission through membership in The National Trust. Click on the link and view the list on the left side of the page.

The Canadian Register of Historic Places

The Canadian Register is a searchable database containing information about recognized historic places of local, provincial, territorial and national significance.

A historic place is a structure, building, group of buildings, district, landscape, archaeological site or other place in Canada that has been formally recognized for its heritage value by an appropriate authority within a jurisdiction.

The Canadian Register is a work in progress. Current listings represent only a fraction of the total number of Canada’s recognized historic places. New listings are added every week so if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, come visit the Canadian Register again!

National Historic Sites and Monuments. 

List of sites, events and people of national significance as well as heritage railway stations and heritage lighthouses with national designation.

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