2019 Award Recipients

David Desjardins — Founders Award:

David joined Science East’s Board of Directors executive committee in 1997. He became President in 1999, before assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer in 2001. Under his leadership, New Brunswick’s only hands-on science centre has grown to share quality science experiences with more than 46-thousand people each year, through the Science East science centre, as well as through community and school-based outreach.  Most recently, Dr. Desjardins was co-host of 2015 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, an event he has contributed to as a judge for many years.

David Desjardins first served on the Board of the Association in 2009 as Vice President after being a member for just a year.  His first major activity was  using his business acumen in organizing the 2009 Annual Conference and Training Days in Fredericton as Conference Co-Chair with Fred White.  The Conference showed a profit of more than $5,000, which was the first time that had happened in many years. At the 2009 Conference David agreed to become Vice-President of the Association and followed Lynn Bard into that role.  In addition to serving in the  organization’s executive capacity, David has provided formal and informal financial and organizational advice and leadership to this organization.

In summary David has been a stabilizing force for the entire Heritage Industry through his leadership,   business acumen and his continuing provision of business support for all those Executives who have     followed him.

Bill Clarke – Quarter Century Award:

Bill has always had an enthusiastic interest in a variety of subjects and has shown this passion primarily as a photographer, newspaper journalist, newspaper editor, ski instructor and superb community service person.  Bill’s foray into the provincial museum business started with the saving of the New Brunswick Liquor building in Dalhousie.  He was the principal force in getting the province to turn the building over to the town after having the provincial officials refurbish the building as a museum by their staff and their money and then became the volunteer manager of the institution.

Since that time (1991?) Bill has been an active participant in the Association and has served innumerable times on its board and executive.  He has always been willing to take on specific projects or provide leadership on an issue.  Bill is known as the person to go to on Heritage issues in Restigouche County, not only from his role at the Restigouche Museum, but also in his role as Publisher/Editor/Reporter and Photographer of the Campbellton newspaper.  Bill is a community minded person, who willingly takes on projects for Dalhousie and beyond.

Bill has also developed strong friendships amongst the Indigenous Community and has actively   supported their activities for as long as he was involved with the Restigouche newspaper and the Restigouche Museum.  He joined us on Tuesday and his input was valuable.

Bill has served as Chair of the Restigouche Heritage Zone since the concept was implemented by the Province, has been an active and positive supporter of the association and continues to take on and successfully complete project on our behalf.

Phyllis Mossman – Quarter Century Award:

Phyllis has been the glue that has kept the Highland Society of New Brunswick at Miramichi together for well over a quarter century.  She has maintained their membership database, keeping track of their member’s years of service, recorded and safeguarded artefacts, assisted historians and provided guidance for their board executive.  Because of Phyllis’s encouragement, the Highland Society and Macdonald Farm are flourishing as she has inspired the volunteerism required to maintain and expand the facilities.  She is certainly worthy of the Quarter Century Award.

Terry Arnold – Award of Merit:

During Terry’s 20 or so years of being involved in the preservation of Marysville’s heritage, he has been a leader. All organizations wish they had someone like this among their ranks and all successful organizations do have this type of person in their midst. Unfortunately, these individuals often do not get the credit they deserve, and I know that Terry is no exception. Well tonight, we hope that this award provides the Marysville Heritage Committee and the Association Heritage NB with the opportunity to provide this recognition. Terry was a strong consistent voice in having the “Marysville Heritage Committee” formed in 2002 and his service and leadership were and continue to be instrumental in the success of many of the Committee’s projects. He has co-chaired 8 plus Heritage Award Dinners, he has promoted public awareness of community heritage through memorial projects and walking tours, he has overseen an oral history project ensuring that the work is preserved in the provincial archives and he has been the volunteer editor of a history journal for over 10 years.

Jacqueline Bartlett – Award of Merit:

For many years, Jackie has been a stalwart and active volunteer with the Quaco Historical and Literary Society in St. Martins, serving on the Board of Directors and in many capacities.  With her husband, Eric, Jackie has provided leadership for the Quaco Museum recruiting volunteers, ensuring that students are well prepared for their summer work, and creating and maintaining a high calibre of exhibits including researching and developing an   interesting and unique exhibit on the role of women in St. Martin’s in ship building.  Jackie has helped deliver an exemplary Roads   Scholar program at the museum bringing people wishing to pursue “learning vacations” to St. Martins.

One initiative of which they can be very proud is raising $40,000 to bring the restored figurehead, Prince Albert, back to St. Martins where it is displayed at the Quaco Museum.  Jackie has been active in the Fundy Museum Zone and a supportive and active member of AHNB.  She has presented our  association’s position to politicians whenever the opportunity arose and she has promoted the case for more weeks for workers hired under the Community Museums Summer Employment Program.  This year Jackie researched and wrote a thoughtful and thorough paper on the importance and value of community museums, the serious challenges facing them and their needs.  Jackie and Eric will be moving from New Brunswick and their departure will be a loss to St. Martins and to heritage in New Brunswick.  They will both be missed.

Edmond Bourgeois – Award of Merit:

Mr. Bourgeois has been a member of the Grand-Digue Historical Society since the beginning. His interest in protecting the Built Heritage and the communities history has made him a popular person in his region.

When the Society proposed to highlight and celebrate the Bicentenary of Grand-Digue, Mr. Edmond Bourgeois was instrumental in getting things off the ground.  First a chapel was built, in memory of the one built in 1788 near the coast. Then the museum acquired and renovated a school (1880), a barn (1890) , a lighthouse (1912) , the Gagnon home, the Poirier House and a Warehouse. These heritage buildings allow the Society to preserve and display the artifacts of their pioneers.

All these works are still under the supervision of Mr. Edmond Bourgeois. So it is an honor for the Association of New Brunswick Heritage to award the Prize of Merit to Mr. Edmond Bourgeois for his passion in preserving heritage. Congratulations.

Charles-Eugène Duclos – Award of Merit:

Charles-Eugène Duclos was coordinator of the  North-East New-Brunswick Museum Network for almost ten years. He is the president of the Museum of St. Isidore and for many years has handled tours of the church of this parish during the summer season. He is a man passionate about history and works tirelessly in   heritage conservation. He helped write several books on the   history of the region by researching at the archives of the Museum of St. Isidore.

Mr. Duclos has acted as a mentor to many people in the museum network. It ensures the viability of the building in which the museum is located. He is always ready to help anyone who asks for his help. Reliable, dedicated, resourceful, and passionate are just a few adjective that describes Mr. Duclos. It is with great pleasure that the AHNB gives him the Award of Merit 2019.

John Leroux – Award of Merit:

As an architect, historian and curator, John has not only spent his life learning, but also educating and inspiring. Despite a busy career that has included work with high-profile architecture firms throughout North America, various collegiate teaching positions and his current tenure as the Manager of Collections and Exhibitions at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, he has always found time to give a walking tour, address a conference or take a phone call.

John brings his unique perspective on the importance of more modern architecture to the heritage community and to the population at large. Because of his ability to identify more recent historically-significant buildings, he has been a voice – at times seemingly a lone voice – in protecting such structures as the Centennial Building in Fredericton.  John’s personal and professional interests have resulted in more than a dozen books, including the invaluable resource Building New Brunswick: An Architectural History. Practicing what he preaches, John received the Mayor’s Award for Best Development of 2014 for designing and building his new home on a lot in a historic area of Fredericton in a way that is modern, yet sympathetic to the fabric of the pre-existing neighbourhood.  I couldn’t have said it better than what is in his nomination, “John Leroux is a provincial treasure whose generosity with his knowledge and expertise makes him a valuable resource to our community and a strong candidate for the 2019 AHNB Award of Merit.”

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