There are many benefits to becoming an AHNB member, including:

  • Staying current on trends affecting cultural professions
  • Voting privileges at the AHNB Annual General Meeting
  • Networking opportunities
  • Professional advice, referrals, and access to local and regional resources
  • Representing interests and concerns of members to provincial governments, associations, and the general public
  • Awards program
  • Subscription to our Alerte e-newsletter
  • Presentations by national heritage experts
  • Free full page website listings, including contact information for your museum, and a link
  • Regular updates on events, grants, tips, and any other heritage news.
  • Facebook presence
  • NEW!! You can choose to be part of the free membership with National Trust for Canada


We are fortunate to have as members large scale museum who have the expertise and staff to help the smaller museums grow and flourish. Additionally, we have experts on our board who are willing and able to help those museums who need assistance and guidance in money management. The association has board members that will advocate and represent the heritage community to all levels of government.

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