Webinars 2019-2020

March 23 at 10:00 am

Bob Dumouchel, Tourism Heritage and Culture

Introduction to Google My Business – Participants will be introduced to the latest business tools for attracting new clients, which has direct museum applications.  Using a Google Search, businesses and now museums, get greater recognition online and stand out more effectively using Google My Business.  Bob will demonstrate how it works and how it can successfully attract online attention for the museum community, with potential collections connections.  Access the webinar here…

February 25 at 12 noon

Anja Hamilton, Tourism, Heritage, and Culture

Building an Exhibition Scenario – Participants will be guided through the process of building an exhibit scenario from developing a theme, to designing the floor plan to identifying which objects to include for maximum effect and impact.  This webinar will also include the aesthetics and appropriateness of display cases, safe and proper lighting, and even graphic design for displays.   The instructor will also cover promotion, press releases, and evaluation processes.  This webinar will also offer advice on how to handle the stress involved with building an exhibition scenario. Access the webinar here…

January 28 at 7pm

Donald Alward, Westmorland Historical Society

Creating a Museum Visitor Experience – Instruction on how to most effectively create a memorable museum visitor experience.  The foundation of any museum is its visitor-ship, and in order to attract new visitors and to keep the local community interested and involved, an engaging and positive visitor experience is key. Access the webinar here…

November 27th at 7 pm

Dr. Cynthia Wallace-Casey, University of Ottawa

Museums, Heritage, and Reconciliation in New Brunswick – This webinar introduces a variety of concepts relating to  reconciliation, while also demonstrating how museums can develop a Reconciliation Action Plan.  The instructor discusses the rights of Indigenous Peoples, noting examples from the Canadian Museum of History and other useful resources. Access the webinar here…



The Association Heritage New Brunswick is happy to report that we will present 4 new Webinars. These are all FREE. To sign up please contact Kellie Blue-McQuade at info@amnb.ca

We greatly appreciate the funding for our webinars provided by Canadian Heritage for the past five years. Without their support, we would not be able to provide professional development for our members in this way.

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