Roy Heritage Home

The Roy Heritage House, a large beige Boomtown-style house with a semicircular upper façade

The Roy Heritage Home is a boomtown-style house from the early colonization period and the beginnings of the Parish of Saint-Quentin. It illustrates life in the first permanent settlement of Saint-Quentin, where the first inhabitants settled in 1910.

Leopold Roy, his wife Claire Bérubé, and his parents Amanda and Donat Roy lived here. The Roy`s were exemplary citizens in the development of Saint-Quentin.  Leopold Roy was named a Distinguished Citizen.

The Roy Heritage Home has served a number of purposes: general store, Caisse Populaire, provincial court, professional photography centre, Canada Employment centre, and much more.  It was restored in keeping with its original structure and now houses a museum reflecting the community’s early days.

Restored in 2004, it was designated as a heritage site and  is home to the local community museum.

Saint Quentin, NB, E3A 1H2

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