Wilson’s Point Historic Cemetery, Ferry and Church Site

The small beige replica church/interpretive centre at Wilson's Point

Wilson’s Point is a site with great significance to the history of Miramichi. Many of the earliest English-speaking settlers lived and were buried in this area and it holds the history of our Scottish ancestors. The Scottish Heritage Association has been working to preserve the history of this area, and have restored the original grave sites & walking trails, installed a wharf, trading post and built an interpretive center.

Enjoy a walk along our scenic trails with panoramic views of the North and South West branches of the Mighty Miramichi River. Pack a picnic and eat under the pines like the settlers once did during church services 250 years ago. Drop in to the little church, a replica of the original that once stood on the grounds from 1791-1832 and hear about the rich tumultuous history of how the Miramichi came to be. Enjoy a tale or two from Founding Father William Davidson on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Join in on annual church service or one of haunted graveyard tours. Cast a line in our shiny waters with hopes of catching a striped bass or famed Miramichi salmon. Trace your roots as you meander through our historic graveyard. Enjoy a toe tapping evening at one of the ceilidhs. Wilson’s Point Historic site is a Provincial Historic Site with connection to the Mi’kmaq and Acadian people as well as our Scottish ancestors. There is so much to explore of our hidden gem under the pines. Follow Wilson’s Point on Facebook or Instagram or phone ahead for a schedule of events and times

Hours of Operation (June 19-October 21, 2023)


8 Enclosure Road, Miramichi, New Brunswick

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