Keillor House Museum and Westmorland Historical Society

Experience History
The maids and hired hands of Keillor House are here to guide you on a journey into a colourful corner of New Brunswick’s past. The Keillor story is not one that you hear often: A tale of hard work and diligence where a simple yeoman-farmer from Yorkshire, England, raised his social status to become a respected Gentleman; no simple feat in those times. The story weaves through the handsome Georgian stone mansion and touches on place and politics of a young New Brunswick and leads through the entire Victorian era and a cavalcade of unique and interesting characters. Your journey also includes a visit to the Coach House where the Dorchester Penitentiary exhibit provides a glimpse into a world that most never see.

Keillor Hearth Cooking
Experience the magic of the hearth. Prepare a stew in a cauldron over the open flame, cook biscuits in the wall oven and bake a pie in a Dutch oven over embers on the open hearth. All the way from starting the fire to eating the meal: experience the whole process. This slow food adventure is suitable for ages 8 and up and is designed for groups of 2 to 8 people. Advance reservations required.

4974 Main Street, Dorchester, NB, E4L 2Z1

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