Musée de la Boucanière (Smokehouse Museum)

Interior of the Musée de la Boucanière (Smokehouse Museum)

During the past century, the smoke fish industry has grown enormously in our region. Over the years, smokehouse operators have developed new techniques that enabled them to process fish on a commercial level.

Today, there are still 24 Smokehouses in the Cap-Pelé area. This is why Cap-Pelé is also known as the ‘‘Land of Smokehouses”. Over 95% of Canada’s smoked herring production comes from Cap-Pelé and is exported, from the Halifax Harbor, to Haïti and Dominican Republic.

To find out more information on the Smokehouse Industry, visit the Smokehouse Museum, located in the Visitors Information Center and/or join the Cap-Pelé Guided  Tour,  “TOURACAPELÉ”  and visit one of the region’s smokehouse… a real one!

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2463, chemin Acadie, Cap-Pelé, NB, E4N 1B5

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