Supporting Seasonal Staff During COVID-19

A Quick Guide for Canadian Museums April 2020

Contributors: Lorenda Calvert, Sarah Durham, Dan Holbrow, Em Ironstar, Karin Kierstead, Lianne Maitland, Sandi Stewart

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, heritage institutions are now facing the unique circumstances of having to hire, train, and manage temporary and/or seasonal staff while they work remotely. This resource has been developed to assist you in identifying ways to interact with your seasonal staff remotely, developing task lists suitable for remote work, and monitoring work progress. It is by no means exhaustive, but should help the museum shift from former to current work realities and spark some ideas.

While the museum is closed to the public, this is an opportunity for growth and development. It is an opportunity for students to learn and re new a variety of skills, and for the museum to accomplish a variety of tasks and projects. It is also a time to build relationships with current and new partners.

Any projects, programs, software, websites, or other resources mentioned in the document serve as examples only and should not be seen as endorsements.

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Supporting Seasonal Staff During COVID-19

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