The Mission of the Association Heritage New Brunswick is to preserve the history and heritage of the province of New Brunswick by uniting, promoting and advancing the aspirations of all workers in the heritage and cultural fields in the province of New Brunswick both voluntary and professional, their supporters and other heritage and cultural organizations.

The Strategic Goals and Objectives of the Association Heritage New Brunswick are:

  • To advocate for the preservation and conservation of heritage in New Brunswick.
  • To provide for networking opportunities between heritage, cultural, scientific workers, supporters and allied professionals.
  • To prepare and distribute kits for liaison with media, supporting organizations.
  • To promote dialogue on relevant issues.
  • To raise awareness and understanding of heritage issues through media and internal publications
  • To increase commitment and achievement through awards and other forms of public recognition.
  • To promote the development of continuing education of skilled human resources.
  • To promote the maintenance and expansion of appropriate resources to support the museum community.
  • To consult with members and supporters on various issues.
  • To maintain an effective, energetic, representative and transparent member organization.
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