Covered Bridges

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Some of New Brunswick’s most interesting and historical architecture can only be experienced by taking the road less travelled.  Unique to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and second in number only to Quebec, more than fifty covered bridges can be found scattered throughout the rural countryside of New Brunswick. 

Affectionately referred to by locals to as “kissing bridges,” these timber-truss structures served as vital transportation and communication links when constructed in the first few decades of the twentieth century.  Although adding a roof and siding did provide a measure of privacy, there was a simple, more practical reason, for adding a roof and siding to these bridges.  Providing protection from the harsh effects of sun, snow and rain prevented the structural beams from rotting and decaying which, in turn, greatly increased the life span of a wooden bridge from 10 to 15 years to well over 100 years. 

Located in some of the most scenic areas of the province, these bridges continue to be coveted and enjoyed residents and visitors alike.  If you are planning to visit one or more of these bridges, or would more information about their history, please explore the links below. 

We regret that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in these links.  Although these bridges have withstood the test of time, certain bridges may be closed for repairs or have been demolished, sometimes on a moment’s notice, due to damage from events such as flooding, vehicular accidents, and fire. 

For the most up-to-date information on the status of these bridges, please consult the Traffic Advisories and Road Construction Report, which can be found on the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure website.


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